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Retail Price: $12.74
Brand: Mucky Nutz
Manufacturer: Mucky Nutz
UPC: 774040511993
Model: MN0049
Part Number: MN0049
Product Description:   Made from durable plastic, when fitted using the supplied velcro fasteners, the mudguard takes the shape of your fork bridge, minimising the loss in tyre clearance. It then catches the mud, spray and whatever else you might pick up, that would eventually.
  • It is fitted as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum 'muck' catching
  • It can be used on all wheel sizes
  • It protects your fork stanchions and bridge from getting caked, reducing the need for cleaning and servicing
  • It's small but effective; Don't just take our word for it; There's loads of positive chit chat on the forums and in the online mags
  • It's the lightest mtb mudguard available
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